Whole Wheat

We pride ourselves in being one of the most reliable exporters of grains and flours. Our high thresholds of quality standards ensure the timely delivery of premium quality wheat, millets, rice, maize, jowar, ragi and many more. Our extensive as well as thorough packaging ensures a longer shelf life and easier transport of all the products.

Whole Wheat A grade

The quality of grain is of critical importance throughout the grain value chain. We deliver wheat grains that are of premium quality, have innumerable health benefits, and comply with the required health standards & specifications. We provide the correct preservation and transport techniques that the top variety of wheat grains require.

Whole Wheat B Grade

Great quality wheat grains require hygiene, cleanliness, and care. The overall quality of grain is affected by various factors including correct cultivation and harvesting practices, handling, storage and transport practices. We, at RKD Agro, strive to provide the healthiest and purest experience by procuring the grains from the best cultivators and exporting them with great care.

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